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The Most Private Surf Experience Possible

Take Your Surfing To The Next Level

Whether it's your first time or returning to reach the next level in your surfing, here at Tao we are  ISA Certified  and have the skills, experience, and dedication needed to help you reach your goals and excel in competition.


What's Included

The only all inclusive luxury Surf School and Adventure Destination in Avellanas.

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About as close to perfect travel experience as I could of asked for. The comfort of an all-inclusive resort experience without the crowds and commercializm.

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Quite possibly one of the most relaxing trips we have ever taken.


About as close to a perfect travel experience as I could have asked for.


Surf, Eat, Sleep....Repeat

Dan G

Best Surf  Camp Ever

Surfing with clients

Latest Updates

Backside grab Rail

Here at Tao the most important steps in learning to Surf is Safety and Responsibility. Water safety and proper wave etiquette is taught to ensure that proper techniques are learned and mastered.

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Playa Avellanas has 6 different surf breaks ranging from beginner to advanced surfing ability. We are located an 8 minute walk to the beach so you can always be in the water at the perfect time. With zero drive time to the beach you can ensure your time will be spent in the water not traveling to get there.

catching one with Amol

Stretching and conditioning is also a big part of your surfing curriculum. You will receive professional instruction on paddling techniques and duck diving, along with standing and riding the face.

Riding a wave with a friend

When you feel that you have mastered your current surfing ability and want to learn other maneuvers our instructors can guide you through the process of ripping.

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“We know what we are, but know not what we may be”

William Shakespeare


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