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Solo Surfing is still out there

Tao Destinations Surf                Resort
        Base Pricing

Solo Surfer 

  • $2750 for one week. This is all-inclusive so your only other cost will be your airline ticket.  For more details about what's included and non surfing activities that are available, you can go to our All Inclusive  Surf Camp tab. CLICK TO PAY


Surfer with a Non-Surfing Partner

  • $4000 for one week. As a solo surfer guest, you can bring your non-surfing partner with you for an additional $1250, so that’s $4000 in total for both of you. You can see all the activities for Non-surfing  guests under the About Tao Surf Camp. There is no limit to how many non-surfing guests you can bring room availability permitting. CLICK TO PAY



Surfing Couple

  • $5000 for one week for a couple, so that’s $2750 for the first person and $2250 for your partner. This is where both people are surfing with us. Schedule ahead to set boat trips for Surfing Couples. CLICK TO PAY    


Private Events / Weddings

  • We offer our location to many different events and activities. If you would like to request something special please contact us on our Contact Page to better assist you.

Cancelation Policy: There is a 48hr cancelation policy for a full refund on payment. After that all payments are non-refundable

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